Partnership with PIC

, Monday 22 October 2018 - 12:00:00

PIC - Precision Industrial Contractors (Woodland, WA) has partnered with KPI Incorporated (Indianapolis, IN) for National representation in the United States corrugated board industry.  This partnership will serve as an anchor point in the Midwest and secure a gateway to the US market from coast-to-coast.

Precision Industrial Contractors is a full-service installation company that specializes in relocating box plants, machine installation, turnkey project management, general contracting/construction, civil foundation work, process piping, heavy rigging, custom engineering, fabrication, electrical construction, & equipment alignment services.  With a bench strength of more than 125 employees, PIC has over 30 years of experience moving and installing all types of corrugated equipment. 

KPIC Partnership

KPI Incorporated specializes in the market development for organizations committed to the technical advancements in corrugated board production. KPI supports its partners with 25 years of experience in AutoCAD factory layouts, project management, and custom solutions.  Its partnerships include capital equipment, consumables, and specialty contractor services for corrugated box makers. 

Eric Simensen, President of PIC states “Our vision is to become the safest contractor on any job site.  We put a significant investment into employee training through OSHA30 and TAPPISAFE education.  We feel that this is a long-term strategic initiative that will drive value to the end user.”  He goes on to add “Our value to the customer is safety, experience, and professionalism.  The partnership with KPI will extend our message across the Nation and open up new opportunities for those customers interested in a safe and experienced contractor.”

Michael Harris, President of KPI, says “I believe that the corrugated industry is short on qualified contractors.  The true value in this partnership is to open access to the corrugated industry for Precision Industrial Contractors.  A fresh look at a 30-year-old business that is growing and making the right cultural changes could be what this industry needs.  Not to mention that PIC spends a lot of time in paper mills and refineries; their skillset will bring a higher quality of contractor to the industry.”

For more information contact: (317) 288-0470 or (360) 225-7955 

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