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, Thursday 13 December 2018 - 14:19:51

Founded in 1989, it has been and remains the mission of Precision Industrial Contractors, Inc. "to be a valuable resource to our local, national, and international communities by providing safe, sustaining and reliable employment to our employees, while at the same time offering our customers the most efficient, economical and environmentally conscious solution to their needs."

Precision Industrial Contractors, Inc. is a service and contracting company, which for the past three decades, has been providing scheduled and emergency construction, mechanical and maintenance support, and investment recovery to the corrugated industry on a national basis. PIC has the highly trained craftsmen, tools and equipment, experience, and expertise to complete the most challenging projects. Since its’ modest inception, PIC has steadily grown to be a significant force in our field.


PIC’s company policy considers the safety our customer's employees and of our own to be the most vital aspect of our operations. Above all, the safety of those employees comes first when planning the development, design and execution of any and all projects in which PIC is involved. Our OSHA 30 trained management team holds itself responsible for recognizing, anticipating and analyzing the known and potential hazards of each project.

PIC’s safety program has the flexibility to adjust to our clients’ specific plant site policies. The PIC safety department works closely with our customers to share awareness of one another’s safety policies and practices and strive to integrate them in order to maintain safety for all. PIC supervisors are responsible for informing PIC employees of plant-specific safety policies at the initial safety survey, the pre-job briefing, and during daily on-the-job “tailgate” safety meetings. PIC is an active member of the TAPPI SAFE Program. 


PIC expects its employees to aspire to a high degree of professionalism. Because of this PIC prohibits cellular phones and earbud use during work hours. PIC has launched a Quality Control Program that ensures every job is done right. PIC distributes a new Business Process Manual and Field Employee Handbook to all of its employees every year to keep up with changes in the industry. These booklets help each PIC employee reach their full potential. 


PIC has 30 years of experience inside of plants and mills in the corrugated industry, large and small, all around North America. For some contractors shifting demographics means losing their experienced employees to retirement. PIC avoids this by going through continuous education and training programs with all of their employees. This allows PIC to replace any experienced workers that leave with qualified individuals who share an equally impressive background working in the industry.

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